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What is E-Commerce?

  • E-commerce is business in the online environment. Here all transactions, deals take place over the internet.
  • E-commerce websites have to exert an image of vibrancy, competitiveness and efficiency. For that a powerful website builder software has to be selected.
  • The pages have to be search optimized if you want your site to be visible in search engines at a higher position.
  • Integration of the website with PayPal would help accept real-time credit card processing instantly.
  • The templates of the site should be designed professionally and there should be space to accommodate catalogues prepared in Excel.
  • The site has to be integrated with other websites using HTML editor, which involves allotting codes to web pages.

How Ecommerce Works For You?

  • Your shop is open 24/7 to everyone
  • You are not restricted to the town you live in or the location of your real shop
  • You can check your orders anytime or from anywhere
  • Ecommerce brings you more business from a wider area
  • You gain customers you would never see in your real shop

How Ecommerce Works For Your Customers?

Once on your website they are able to browse through your products, viewing pictures, product details etc. Normally you would have your shipping details on your website so your customers will know when they can expect delivery of their products. Some of the main benefits of ecommerce for your customers are:

  • Your customers will go to your website by either typing in your website address or searching for products, such as Formal Clothes, on Google and other search engines.
  • When they see a product they want to purchase they add it to their basket – usually done by clicking a button next to the product – and once they have chosen everything they want your customers then pay for their products by using a credit or debit card.
  • They can shop from the comfort of their own home
  • Your shop is open 24 hours per day, even when your real shop is closed
  • Your customers can view all your products, pictures and details in their own time
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    Leonard Digital Media is a leading website design and development company in Mumbai, India, specializing in website design and website development services. We provide comprehensive web services at affordable rates. Our services are tailor-made to suit individual client demands

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    We, at Leonard Digital Media believe that our success is depends on our client's success and we work hard to increase success graph of our client.

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    "Leonard Digital Media provide great service, that improves my business."
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